From Affirm Press, book three in the True Animal Tales picture book series – Quite a Clever Quokka!
The story of Leonardo da Quokko, who dreams of escaping Rottnest Island to become an artist in the big city across the sea.
Written by Merv Lamington, illustrations by Allison Langton, book design by Stephanie Spartels, senior editor Davina Bell, commissioning editor Clair Hume.
Order with your local book shop or on-line at Booktopia.
Quite a Clever Quokka. Merv Lamington and Allison Langton. Affirm Press. Coming Nov-Dec 2018.
Quite a Clever Quokka. Written by Merv Lamington, Illustrated by Allison Langton. Out December 2018. Map of Rottnest Island.

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